From minimal networking knowledge to increased order ratio

Name – Vivek Wadhani

Brand Name – Trolee Ebiz

Website: Not Available

Location: Surat

No. of SKU: 300

No. of Marketplace live: Souq, Lazada, Bonanza, Zifiti, Wish

Category: Fashion – Ethnic Saree

About the Company

Trolee Ebiz is a seller that promotes and caters the services of reputed brand Mastani and Zypara which started about three years prior today with zero funding but brilliant idea. The company evolved under the tutelage of its two founders who accelerated the turnover from zero to a whopping five crores. Before ethnically initiating business with sarees, the founders were into the idea of farming but all that changed when they learnt about the scope from eBay regarding making money by listing products.

USP of the client’s products

The company is located in Surat, Gujarat with a speciality in catering some of the best collection of sarees with Gujarati flavour such as Bandhini saree and Bhagalpuri silk saree. The best feature of the brand is its affordability as compared to merchants of a similar trade in the Europe and USA market.

Trolee Ebiz has direct connections with the Surat-based manufacturers that provide them with the capability to list out a variety of designs at a price lower than that of the market. The seller is fashion forward with regular updates of the product catalogue as per the latest trend in the market.


With multiple channels to be managed in a single go, for us proper listing of the product was difficult especially with the error in the channel that created issues with creating a live status for the product.

To add to the existing crisis, we faced the issue of handling all the channels separately. This was a lot of extra work that required the engagement of a single platform to manage several marketplaces with one update for all regarding price, discount, or availability.

We also didn’t know much about the international market with limited access to a completely accurate business data which led to incorrect business predictions for the growth of the business.

Additionally, we had very faint idea of the proper stances for promotion or visibility in the marketplace during special sales.”

We were running short on the profit scale due to issues regarding shipping solutions when it boiled down to catering the services to multiple countries which resulted in it either overestimation or underestimation of the pricing for shipments leading huge loss through miscalculated logistics.

What did the client receive from Eunimart?

In order to bring down the logistics charges for shipment to different countries via international waters, Eunimart provided us with warehouse facilities in various countries that effectively decreased the overall product shipment cost with timely deliveries.


The consistent issue that we were facing with product listing was dealt with the help of Eunimart’s platform that comes with smooth listing services guided by experts from the team.

Eunimart provided us with a multi-functional tech-based platform for order and product management at different channels. Additionally, Eunimart helped us analyze and interpret the product demands at various locations in both national and international waters, thereby catering solutions for well-balanced inventory management.

Eunimart’s smart shipping techniques helped us put the perfect price for the product with shipping charges that led to a rapid decline in the loss which stands at zero today.

With the help of Built-in smart logic for the platform provided to us by Eunimart, today we have the facility to opt for multiple shipping partners all over the world for proper dispatch of products.

We were also provided with the visibility option available with Eunimart due to the deep relationships with various reputed names in global marketplaces that brought active participation and promotion for the seller and the products.


We finally managed to generate a higher ratio of orders over the online platform while managing the repetitive buyers by building trust regarding timely delivery and perfectly affordable prices for the product.

Eunimart’s account management system helped us acquire a higher number of positive reviews and well as better ratings that reflected authenticity for the business.

We knew that catering beautifully crafted sarees to customers all across the globe was a great idea, but it was the implementation of the idea in the digital platform that got us down. Eunimart and its expert team researched the issues with the business and brought us straight back to a trade that brought rising benefits. Although the growth implementation took six months, the results were simply outstanding for us.

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