Case Study – Nakshu Jewels

About Company

Before Nakshu Jewels came into existence, its owner Bhautik Bodhra came from the long line of ancestral textile business. However, he was rather interested in the potential held by the jewellery market in Surat while aiming towards a global reach. He received guidance from his brother who had some experience in the same domain. Following his entrepreneurial instincts, he found eBay as the perfect platform to sell his products in the global market. With the help of his uncle, he started his business in 2012 which began with products with low asp such as Black Moissanite. Even though he listed very few products on eBay, the returns were staggeringly high with 30 per cent conversion rate.

USP of the Client’s Company

Having a unique product listed over a global platform comes with its perks which worked well in the case of Nakshu Jewels. With the feasibility of being a product manufacturer, they can easily create fashion forward and customized designs as per market demand. Additionally, what worked well regarding business for the company is the fact that they could easily list out the products at prices that were fairly affordable. Nakshu Jewels also has a good hold over the wholesale market all across India that has helped it with the establishment of the brand name all across the country. Moreover, the brand is adaptive to new and futuristic technologies for improvement of designs and quality.


Now, no business comes without a challenge, and the same happened with Nakshu Jewels. Being unaware of the possibilities in the internet domain, Bhautik just had the feasibility of single E-commerce marketplace which saturated after a certain time-frame while limiting the sales and reflecting rapid sales decline.

“I was all alone when it came to managing such a widespread business. I was unable to trace every order single-handedly leading to non-fulfilment of orders with high cancellation rates. I sought out several names to outsource my requirements for operational activities such as listing, order management, fulfilment, and logistics but even though it eased the workload, the overall operation cost rose staggeringly with marginal profit for the company”.

Nakshu Jewels needed a single platform for every task that needed to be outsourced by the company. The company owner, Bhautik faced additional challenges due to the high return rates in the market with low resale options due to unavailability of proper international leads for logistics services.

“I knew none, but one logistics service provider that helped me out but the charges were increasing day by day while the sales were just limited to the U.S. for international waters.”

Achievements of clients with the help of Eunimart

After a suggestion came from a close friend, we sought the help of Eunimart after carefully analyzing the services provided by the company. Eunimart catered a single platform for Nakshu Jewels that helped with auto update of the inventory along with proper order management that helped in bringing down the return rates. We jumped from being listed at eBay to several international marketplaces such as Lazada, Wish, eBay, and Amazon.

“For me, business in the international waters was the most difficult aspect given the fact that there was no way to resale the returned products gave the high shipment charges. Eunimart provided us access to multiple warehouses spread all across the globe while providing us smart shipping solutions with proper end to end tracking.”

The best feature of using Eunimart’s services was the rapid increase in sales for Nakshu Jewels that was six times the original seen with just Ebay as the platform.

What did the client receive from Eunimart?

With Eunimart’s help, Nakshu Jewels and its products are listed at several marketplaces under the G&J category. Now the management of the vast expanse of gems and jewellery business has become easier for Bhautik given the access to a Smart ERP platform that brought transparency for end-to-end tasks involved in product listing and business.

Eunimart also catered international return solutions for Nakshu Jewels with decreased return rate and smart shipping solution due to the worldwide presence of warehouses that enable cheaper shipping costs with higher end-profit.

“Earlier, our reach wasn’t spreading beyond the U.S., but now Eunimart has helped us establish as a brand name at the global level with the base in India.”


The MOM order growth for Nakshu Jewels after Eunimart’s help was accelerated to 46 per cent with return rate reduced from 5 per cent to a negligible 1 per cent. Just within a month, Nakshu Jewels started receiving more than 800 orders in a month with 52 per cent coming from eBay, 25 per cent from Amazon, 15% from Wish, and 8% from Lazada.

“Being a businessman trying to handle everything on my own, it was hard for me to keep track of every order or change in the marketplace. Eunimart has supported us from day one of the commencement of our partnership bringing in better solutions with every passing day that has made it easier for my team for management of the business in a smooth pattern and me.”

– Bhautik Bodhra, Owner, Nakshu Jewels

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