Sales Performance Reports & Analytics

Optimize your business with our powerful sales and inventory reports

Reports and Analytics

Key Features

Eunimart provides you with in-depth reports and analysis that portray the valuable data about your business performance. With automated and accurate statements maximize the profits and margins.
Monitor, report and analyze the performances to spot the areas that need improvements and implement the smarter decisions to upscale the complete organization.

Orders Reports

Which Marketplace has generated the maximum revenues for you on a month on month basis?. You can filter them by region, marketplace etc

Marketplace Reports

Detailed Report of your multiple marketplaces. Identify best, average and low performing marketplace

Top Product Analysis Report

Know your best performing products, variants, product categories and analyse if similar products are to be added or not

Inventory Report

Get detailed report on your inventory across all the channels and to check how items are moving via sales velocity

Shipping Report

Get reports on your shipping, best carriers etc.

Payments Report

Get detailed reports with respect to your payments from different marketplaces

Average Selling Price Report

Understand the average selling price of your products and do your pricing accurately


Get weekly marketplace payment reconciliation reports
Know your top selling products and marketplaces 
Forecast inventory levels to cope up with sales demand
Know your top performing shipping partners across the Globe