Track Seller Payments

Get a complete breakdown of payments that are received from marketplaces

Payment Reconciliation

Key Features

Understanding and the highly critical vulnerabilities of business, like online sales reconciliation, Eunimart has partnered with the market reconciliation experts to increase efficiency, gain full-fledged control, drive cost savings and have insights into the financial data at just one click.
This feature lets the sellers easily track their order’s payments.


This fee varies from marketplace to marketplace and depends on the category the product sold belongs to. Products in certain categories have a per-item minimum referral fee also. We help you to identify that no incorrect commission is charged and provide supporting data for the same


Shipping costs are primarily based on parameters such as product dimension, weight and destination. We help you reconcile overcharged shipping charges if the marketplace has incorrectly classified the item and hence charged you incorrectly

Customs duties & taxes

Our experts ensure that you have not overpaid for customs and other duties and that the rules related to customs exemption for a certain given criteria are strictly adhered to



Access to one shot view of payments from different marketplaces
Reconciliation of shipping charges to avoid being charged wrong
Accurate information about customs duties & taxes charged