Smart Logistics at your fingertips

Get 360 degree view of your logistics operation

Logistics & Fulfillment

Key Features

Eunimart’s fully automated and integrated logistics and fulfillments has all the features you will need to scale your business. It allows the 360-degree view of the logistic operations.
Eunimart simplifies the way orders are received, processed and shipped, it simplifies the workflows and focuses more of your resources on growth.

You can use Eunimart logistics or use your existing logistics to ship out orders

Connect to your 3PL to export orders, import inventory and shipments

Set package weight and dimensions to get shipping quote options from different carriers

Print pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels

Generate shipping rates for a general (Country) – To (Country) search

Select a specific order to generate shipping rates

Track your shipments keeping TAT into consideration. Get Real Time tracking updates

Carrier pickup facility



Speeds up fulfillment cycle by releasing ready-to-ship orders
Saves time as unified platform is available for fulfillment
Increased satisfaction with first and last mile logistics
Reduce miss-ships, improve delivery times and control costs 
Carrier pick up and label printing avoids hassles