Ecommerce Business Intelligence

Get Real-Time Data Driven Business Insights to take actionable decisions to maximise profits

Business Intelligence

Key Features

Scale your business with the data driven actionable decisions and maximize the profits. Eunimart features the business intelligence to help you perform the optimized operations in order to optimize the product portfolio and monitor your business revenues.
It helps you analyze and optimize the business in various aspects from price to inventory, and sales to the competition.

Pricing Intelligence

The pricing intelligence can identify the best pricing for the products to maximise profits

Content Intelligence

The image intelligence can automatically score the product images and identify how to improve them while the content intelligence can identify the best keywords to increase traffic

Predictive Sales Analysis

We can help merchants predict sales of their products in the marketplaces with a high degree of accuracy to plan and help in sourcing well in advance

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio intelligence allows merchants to optimise their portfolio for every marketplace and track the top products and sellers in every marketplace

Competition Analysis

Information about top sellers along with their store links to get some insights about their pricing, description, content, image quality etc to help drive more sales

Inventory Intelligence

Based on the sales history, information about recommended stock level to be maintained at different intervals of time is provided to help in forecasting

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Helps to closely monitor your business revenues and performance
Optimized operations with pricing & inventory intelligence
Provides sales insights at both SKU and marketplace level
Helps optimize product portfolio strategy and inventory levels