Indian sellers in high cost markets

Dealers, craftsmen, traders, small household manufacturers from India make good products at a really lower cost than high cost markets like Europe and US. In those countries, minimum wage and facilities to workers, basic amenities for workers and standard of living increase the cost of labor. In India, raw material cost and abundant supply in India make the overall cost of the made product cheaper than those countries. Hence, a product made in India is priced at a competitive rate lower than similar products in high cost countries. There is no price war for such products . When the designs and product quality is good it will be sold there.

A large number of Indians have settled or work for a longer period in Europe and US. They always want to buy customized native products.

Human beings always want to go for new trends and fashions. Today US and European people are fascinated by the Indian designs and products. They want to use that fashion style and that’s where the demand increases.

It’s not the country where your product needs to be sold but it’s the demand with price that comes when sold in other markets.

Eunimart – India’s first Artificial Intelligence crossborder enabler company is enabling global brands to sell their products on multiple online international marketplaces in 60 countries across the globe.

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