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Handmade or homemade crafts community has all its way grown from a tiny one to a full-fledged in-vogue niche. With the growth of the niche, there is also the growth in interest of the people towards the crafts. And, with the growing trend, there is a dire need of a communication or interaction channel where the artisans can showcase their art and the people fond of art can buy it.

So, where to sell my crafts online, what are the marketplaces to sell handicrafts, which are best handicraft websites, or the best handicraft marketplaces, how to sell to local craft stores, where to sell the handmade items near me, how to sell handmade items in stores, how sell handmade items online are only a few of the questions on a sellers mind, and the sellers need to know answers to these questions before they proceed to sell their crafts online.

Before directly going for the listing on popular marketplaces, it is important for a seller to understand the kind of crafts that make the most money as well as the hot craft ideas to sell, most profitable crafts to sell and also the selling handmade items law.

Crafts that make the most money

The crafts that make money from home are glass, metals, mixed media, wood, clay, textiles, leather, plastic, enamel, organic and many other. Some of the hottest craft ideas to sell on craft e-commerce websites, art and craft websites and handicraft e-commerce websites are selling handmade jewelry, knitted clothing, glass crafts, etc.

There are a lot of marketplaces to sell handicrafts like Amazon and Etsy, in fact, these are the best handicrafts websites for selling handmade products. You can find other websites similar to Etsy that let you sell handmade items online.

So, below is the list of few top craft marketplaces, generally known as art and craft websites or handicraft e-commerce websites or also as craft e-commerce website.

Top Craft Marketplaces or Top Craft Websites

Because this can be the easiest way to know how to sell online on Amazon. The Amazon seller App is a free App and can be regarded as one of the requirements to become an Amazon seller. This App gives out the seller all the details like the selling price, processing fee and other details of the product.

The App allows the seller to use the camera to scan the barcode of the product to get all the information regarding the pricing and fee, which the seller is considering to sell on Amazon.


Amazon also appreciates the artisans to come up with their work and sell crafts on Amazon. Associating with such flagship online store would help in making more, as Amazon has marketplaces in 11 countries. So, the sellers here have got the chance to showcase their crafts to the people from different countries too.

The sellers can start selling their crafts to the USA customers on and can later add up few more countries. But then, the sellers need to create a separate account which requires a phone number, international credit card, tax information and also needs to complete the online tax interview as a non-US resident.

While selling internationally, shipping is a great challenge, so the sellers have got the option of shipping through FBA that provides a local address for product returns, local language support, faster deliveries, and greater visibility etc. Learn how to sell on Amazon, or more specifically how to sell handmade items on Amazon, and also how to sell handmade jewelry on Amazon for a successful start, and a great business ahead.


Etsy is the most popular craft selling a website, for a reason. But how to sell on Etsy and what products to sell on Etsy? The answer is simple, Etsy store makes it easy to set up the seller’s own Etsy shop for free and allows the crafters make a good deal by selling their one-of-a-kind items while charging a transaction fee of 3.5% per sale.

Etsy also offers support guides and free tools that can help the crafters all the way to make sales go as smoothly as possible. And upon all, Etsy store allows the Etsy shop owners sell almost everything handmade. The payment is made in through different gateways that include PayPal and GooglePay.


eBay, one of the most prominent online selling websites that almost has all kinds of different products on sale including homemade and handmade crafts. Earlier the site used to have a separate marketplace that listed only sustainable items and was a pretty good fit for the crafters.

But then, the website discontinued the marketplace section and continued with the green initiatives that were likely to fit the crafty products. Payment gateways here also very flexible and easy to use.


Folksy is basically for the British crafters to sell their crafts; the crafts can include handmade clothing, arts, and any other handicraft goods. Consider this as the best place to sell handmade items online.


The sellers are available with the options to chose form pay-as-you-go or a subscribe for an annual membership, that has benefits for the seller, as it will save the listing fee when the seller goes for selling the large list of items.


Similar to Amazon and eBay, Bonanza is also an online marketplace that lets the individual set up their own virtual stores and sell anything they want including crafts. In addition to that, the seller can also sync the listings with other places to sell in order to keep the track of inventory.

And, too much of our good, there is no setup or listing fee associated with the website on this marketplace. What’s more! Bonanza also offers easy payment options to its users, which makes it all the more convenient for shopping!


iCraft can be considered as the best place to sell handmade jewelry online. This marketplace solely focuses on accessories, jewelry, and knitted products. The seller can set up his own shop and list unlimited products at $5 per month, with no additional fee or commissions.
The marketplace sometimes also has promotions such as 10% off if you purchase it annually rather than monthly.

It is a UK based marketplace that entertains buying and selling of handmade gifts. The seller here may face no hassle in building up the store, as the website has an easy-to-set-up storefront and also some amazing and enthusiastic marketing materials and badges that drive traffic to your store.

The website also has a “mini shop” concept that lets the seller embed a store quickly and easily into his/her own blog or website. This option provides more convenience to the seller as well as the buyer and gives a whole new shopping experience.


It is a fabric focused marketplace where the individuals are allowed to design, print and sell their own fabric designs. This marketplace is completely designed and developed for the artisans with the love for fabrics.



This is the best place to sell handmade items online. It is a worldwide community of artisans and crafters. The sellers here need to sign up and create their own collections of products and crafts to sell online.

Interestingly, here the sellers can interact with each other, appreciate the work, leave comments and can also join the groups and discussion forums to keep in touch with their favorite artisans.


This is the website that is artists and designer centered. The artists can upload their art on this site and that will directly be available in a variety of forms like prints on mugs, t-shirts, phone case, clocks and other fabric materials like leggings etc.

Apart from that, the seller is designated with a profit value they want to earn on their crafts on top of the base price.


Take Away

If the seller is a newbie or a beginner to the online craft marketplace, then it is important for them to learn the following aspects of “What, Where and How”.

What ‐ What is the selling handmade items law, what are the top craft websites, what are the most profitable crafts to sell, what crafts to make sell for profit, what are the best handicrafts websites to sell handicrafts items online, what are the best handicraft marketplaces, what are the crafts that make money from home, in fact that make most of the money, what is the best place to sell handmade jewelry online etc.

Where ‐ Where can I sell my crafts, where to sell my crafts online or where to sell handicrafts online, where to sell handmade items near me, where to sell handmade items locally, where to sell handmade items internationally, where to sell crafts for more profits and more.

How ‐ How to sell handmade items online or how to sell handicrafts online, how to sell crafts to the local store, how to sell crafts online for free, how to start selling crafts from home, how to sell handmade jewelry to stores etc.

Consider all of the above aspects to learn, know and understand how to sell handmade items online successfully and profitably on the online craft store, or craft e-commerce websites before you decide to dive into the business, as these points will help you have an edge over the marketplaces and also have an idea about how things go around.

Good Luck!