About Eunimart

Eunimart is India’s leading Cross border Ecommerce company, a brain child of Mr. Shayak Mazumder. A total of 110 man-years of experience in design, development and implementation towards omnichannel cross border ecommerce solutions. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Eunimart is helping Indian Enterprises identify and reach out to unexplored business territories.

Eunimart is an organisation formed with a noble mission to provide Global Market Entry to Indian Brands (Manufacturers and Resellers) with end to end International partnerships in every target market. Eunimart provides end-to-end trade solutions to Indian Enterprise Brands to sell globally across 80+ countries by bringing together 18+ marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Wish, Bonanza etc., 10 logistics partners, payments, warehousing, etc. on a single window technology – Vdezi. This end to end Technology and Data empowers our clients to perform under OmniChannel Trade. The USP of Eunimart is the advanced Artificial Intelligence tools that Eunimart brings to assist brands with Product Research (predicting – Sales, Inventory, Pricing, Image and Content optimisation by SKU by market), Market Research (Competitor Analysis, Portfolio Analysis by market) and cataloging. These advanced tools help increase revenues by 2-3 times, reduce costs by up to 70% per order, in addition to increased intelligence and efficiency of business.

A complete AI powered solution for cross-border E-commerce success

Revenue GrowthGrow your revenue by 4X by allowing Eunimart platform to simplify daily operation. Growth happens when your operations become well oiled machine.
PROFIT INCREASEGet to know which products to offer to customer, on which marketplace/ channel and at what price.
Business ExpansionSeamlessly scale across all major marketplaces with confidence and minimal efforts using Eunimart's AI platform

How it works

- Sign up on the platform
- Create/Sync your existing marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay etc.
- Create or use your existing logistics account
- Sync or create payments account
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- Complete your basic profile on the platform
- Upload your KYC documents
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- Download your Category Template
- Fill the product and inventory details in the template for product optimization
- Upload the completed file to the platform
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- Download Product Pricing Template
- Update products price using Pricing Calculator to stay competitive
- Upload file to the platform
- Sync to Marketplace
- Products Live on Marketplace
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- Label the package for the order received
- Schedule order pickup
- Order gets picked up and tracking number gets allotted
- Order Delivered
- Order Payment Done
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How it works

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